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Red Lake Fly In Fishing
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Sandy Beach Lodge
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Northwestern Ontario Fly-In Lodges

Andersons Lodge
Anderson’s Lodge offers you a tremendous fly-in outpost experience on famous Lac Seul. Termed by many as the “Walleye Capital of the World”, this body of water is not only known for its superb Walleye fishing but also extends an invitation to some of the best Northern Pike and Muskie angling that you will find anywhere. Rated as on of the top 3 Walleye fisheries in the Province of Ontario, this lake has been a favorite of many anglers to the area for years. 

Flyin Fishing Resort Ear FallsAnishinabi Lodge We are a Northwestern Ontario fly-in fishing lodge with a cozy atmosphere among our spacious and elegant lakefront cottages, along with remote fly-in outpost camps on the stunning Anishinabi Lake, west of Ear Falls, Ontario, north of Vermillion Bay. Anishinabi Lake offers phenomenal fishing with a wide variety of Northern Pike, Walleye, and Lake Trout in astonishing numbers and sizes. Our claim to fame, however, is the unbelievable Walleye fishing. These populous fish can be accessed through our licensed boat catches on nine backcountry portage lakes, and these lakes are overflowing with Walleye.

Roger Lake Fly in Outpost Big North Lodge - Visit our 2 trophy Waters outpost on Long Lake and Rogers Lake.  Total privacy and be the master of your own wilderness domains.  Very well equipped cabins with up to date boats and motors, not to mention the FANTASTIC walleye and northern pike fishing will bring you back again and again!

Trout Lake Ontario Fly-in Fishing LodgeBooi's Fly-in Lodge & Outposts
Fly 15 minutes north to Boois secluded modern island to fish 3 trophy species - all from one lake. Take advantage of free guided days with complimentary shore lunches. Cruise in your big safe boat; relax in your 2 story luxury chalet. Boois created this Northern island paradise just for you.


Chimo Lodge and Outposts
Roderick Lake is truly a Fisherman's Paradise, and an uncrowded one at that, as we are the only camp located there. With its many inlets, bays and reefs, it will offer any fisherman the challenges and moments he has been waiting for all year, and you will catch Walleye, Northern, Lake Trout and Perch.  

Green's Fly-In Camps
At Green's Fly-In Camps we have utilized our many years of experience to provide highly maintained, safe, reliable equipment and staff. We strive to provide a most efficient, well organized and enjoyable fishing adventure at an affordable cost. Fly-In Walleye, Northern and Lake Trout Fishing in Northwestern Ontario. Fall Moose and Bear hunting is also available. 

Halley' Camps
This is our invitation to you to experience a truly fantastic Canadian fishing trip - whether you choose one of our all inclusive lodges, our housekeeping camp, or one of our fly in outpost locations, you will be sure to experience the fishing vacation that makes our guests return, year after year, generation after generation. We are proud of our family's commitment to the tourism industry. You can rest assured that our name is your guarantee.

Ontario North Outposts There is no better way to experience Ontario’s vast wilderness and incredible fishing then spending a week at a remote wilderness outpost camp in Northwestern Ontario. Fishing is incredible. Both of our outpost lakes are stuffed with Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Perch. Vaughan Lake and Lynx Lake are both located at the southwest-end of Lac Seul and north of Dryden Ontario

Sandy Beach Lodge
Sandy Beach Lodge is a fly-in fishing resort located 26 miles east north east of Red Lake, Ontario, Canada. It is located on Trout Lake, a lake consisting of over 300 sq. miles of cool, clear deep water. Great fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout. or more than 40 years Roger Mitchell and his family have been here to make you fishing or hunting experience the best that Canada has to offer. 

Sportsman's Lodge and Trophy Outposts
Sportsman's Lodge is located in a fantastic wilderness setting. On the shores of Little Vermilion Lake, the lodge is accessible only by float plane. Little Vermilion Lake is famous for trophy-sized Northern Pike. Walleye fishing is also excellent. We are the only lodge on the lake, so we provide a clean, uncomplicated, unpolluted, relaxing atmosphere. 

Sydney Lake Lodge
We believe that a successful fishing trip is a memorable one filled with great experiences and we endeavour to make your Canadian fishing trip the best that you can find anywhere. The Fahlgren family has been on Sydney Lake since 1933 and have been operating Sydney Lake Lodge since 1980. We are on exclusive waters and have some really good fishing with conservation fishing practices that go back decades. The walleye fishing is legendary, catch fish after fish, not knowing, if its that trophy walleye you have been waiting for.  

Thunderhook Fly-Ins
Enjoy Canada's Beauty The fascination of Wilderness: from the image of clear pristine lakes and the incredible serenity of remote fly-in camps comes the vision of mouth-watering fish sizzling over the fire. Whatever your wilderness image, Thunderhook Camps stand ready to assist you by providing the wilderness experience you've always envisioned. Thunderhook Fly-Ins is located 5 miles south of Armstrong, which is approximately 150 miles north of Thunder Bay, Ontario on Highway 527. 

Uchi Lake Lodge
Ever dream of finding a secret lake where you can catch 40…60… maybe even a 100 walleye from one spot without moving your boat? That’s what a Canadian fly-in trip to Uchi Lake is all about! Lots of fat walleye… and big northern pike too, up to 25 pounds! From the moment you arrive in Sioux Lookout, Judy and one of her staff will be there to greet you at the dock and load your gear on the floatplane. Uchi Lake is 12 miles long and you probably won’t see another boat all day because Uchi is the only lodge on the lake and there is no other access. 


Northeastern Ontario Fly-in Lodges

Air Cochrane
Canada's James Bay Lowlands consist of over 10,000 square miles of wilderness. The Cochrane District is renowned for over 400 lakes and rivers. You will fish for the mighty Northern Pike, the delicious Walleye, tricky Speckled Trout, tons of perch, wiley Whitefish and massive Sturgeon. Our lakes are teeming with hundreds of fish that only a fly-in can provide.
Through careful management, conservation limits and rotating lakes, Air Cochrane CAS Ltd. is committed to providing you with a quality fishing vacation.

Kesagami\Kesagami Wilderness Lodge
 North of Cochrane, amid a sprawling and unspoiled wilderness, lies incredible Kesagami Lake - Ontario's premier trophy northern pike lake. Shallow (averaging 7 feet), stained and rimmed with weedy bays, Kesagami is home to an inestimable number of pike over 40 inches (20 lb) and world-class fish measuring 50 inches (30 lb). Conservative size / possession regulations and a strong live-release awards program are in place, maintaining an exciting trophy fishery for the future. Additionally, Kesagami Lake offers exceptional walleye fishing where rocky shoals, islands and points always hold numbers of fish in the 1 to 4-pound class.

Kanipahow Wilderness Resort and Outpost Camps
Remote fly-in and remote drive-in boat-to outpost camps are also available for those of you wishing total privacy. All our remote camps offer one cabin per lake. All outpost camps are fully equipped housekeeping cabins. The remote settings allow for an abundance of wildlife viewing that can be appreciated by the experienced sportsperson and the novice alike. Our outpost camps offer Walleye, Northern Pike, Small Mouth Bass, Lake Trout and White fish.

Louie's Outpost and Timber Wolf Air
You want monster pike? We've got 'em, along with lake trout, whitefish and walleye. Drive to our base camp on Lake of the Mountains. Drive, then boat to our outposts on Rocky Island Lake. Fly-in to our remote outposts on Bark Lake and Marty Lake for excellent pike and lake trout fishing.  Whether you want to relax with your family in a fully-equipped cabin at our base camp, or go on a real adventure to a remote northern lake, we have the right trip for you at Louie's Outposts.

Camp Anjigami - If you really want adventure, and cherish the wilderness, we have something special for you! Five Outpost Camps - four of which are accessible only by float plane-offering excellent fishing. We encourage responsible conservation of the fishery resources. As a result, you will have an excellent chance of catching your choice of northerns, walleyes, speckled, or lake trout at any of our Outpost Camps and adjoining lakes.  


Central Ontario Fly-in Outposts 

Tornado's Resorts
Tornado's Resortshas a Main Lodge located in Port Loring, Ontario, on Highway 522. From the Main Lodge, you can fly on our own float plane to Smoky Lake Lodge, or Portage Lake Lodge, both full-service outpost Lodges, or to Straight Lake Outpost or Bluepine Lake Outpost, wilderness retreats.


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